Kingmaker CRPG Kickstarter Goes Live!

Developer Owlcat Games is proud to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the party-based fantasy video gamePathfinder: Kingmaker! Players will be able to shape the history and destiny of their own kingdom, by […]

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New for Pathfinder: Breaking the Bones of Hell

Hell Hath No Limits… With the Kintargo Contract recovered and alliances in place, the Silver City and the surrounding region of Ravounel is shielded from Chelish invasion. Yet as Kintargo’s heroes ready treaties to secure […]

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New Pathfinder Setting Successfully Funds on Kickstarter

The Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness! New third-party campaign setting kickstarter from Encounter Table Publishing Successfully Funded! Reach for the stars! Up-and-coming third-party publisher Encounter Table Publishing is bringing a new science-fantasy sandbox to the […]

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October Sale on Now at Paizo

Second Wind—October Non-Mint Sale on Now! Hundreds of non-mint products on sale! Looking to stock up on gaming supplies before bundling up for a long and chilly season? Check out the array of products They’ve […]