The Wizard? No One gets to see the Wizard!

Actually, Hi everyone. The Voice of E is me, Elliott Miller. See, the E is for Elliott. Originally, this website started as a way for me to feature my voiceover work, so The Voice of E was born.

The call of the games was strong though. My buddy since the age of 12, Jeff McAleer of the Gaming Gang, talked me into a weekly podcast. I loved gaming of all types. I reviewed hundreds of games, and our podcast was highly acclaimed. You can still go back and listen to many of our old episodes. They are classics.

Eventually it was time to strike out on my own. Mostly because I wanted to start creating videos. I still had my love of gaming and geek culture. Anything related to Games, Comics, Books, Movies, TV, in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Genres are music to my eyes.

I soon realized that this voiceover website The Voice of E , could easily mean the Voice of Entertainment, or Eggs, or Elephants, or anything. The Voice of E transformed into a geek news and game reviews site. Here I continue my journalistic quest to write about the things that I enjoy, and provide entertainment and information to others with a similar mindset.

Now Voice of E Videos are all posted to my YouTube Channel, and already well north of half a million views. This website also holds tons of news, reviews, my videos, and everything that strikes my fancy. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m a married guy, with 5 kids. Four of them are grown up and off doing their own geeky things. My youngest is well on her way to being a lover of all things geek like her old dad.

If you head to a gaming, comic, or entertainment convention, keep an eye out for me. I’m the guy that everyone says looks a lot like Stephen King. You be the judge!

My videos are known for my attempts, sometimes even successful, at bringing humor to the generally dull task of telling other people about a board game. I wear costumes, I use bad accents, add special effects, and I even try to be informative. Some people like them and some don’t.

You should check them out, and please subscribe. There’s a You Tube subscribe button on the sidebar over there —->