Time Chase & ArtSee Coming from Renegade

Travel Back Through Time In Time Chase

If you’re a fan of our small-box trick-taking game The Fox In The Forest but want a game you can play with more than 2 people, you will love Time Chase! 

In this game that accommodates 3-6 players and can be played in 30 minutes, you’ve cracked the code to unlock time travel, but some nefarious colleagues are trying to use your invention to travel back in time and take the credit for themselves!

With the technology of time travel in hand, you’re allowed to travel back in time to previous tricks, known as events, and change their outcome. The first player to control three events in the timeline wins!

Time Chase will be available in August at your friendly local gaming store., or you can pre-order now!

Curate Beautiful Art On Your Way to the Top in Artsee

In this game of tasteful collection, your art gallery is expanding! As the curator, you have built out your art gallery with new exhibits based on the categories your visitors are interested in: abstract, landscape, portrait, or still life. With enough prestige, you can earn the right for your gallery to display famous masterpieces!

This strategy game plays in a scant 30 minutes for 2-5 players.

You’ll be able to find ArtSee on friendly local game store shelves come Fall of this year, but why not pre-order here!

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