Bribes and Brides Board Game Released

Brides & Bribes board game released at hobby game stores

The Euro-style board game Brides & Bribes, published by Spaceballoon Games and distributed by Ares in the United States and non-European countries, is now available at hobby game stores.

Brides & Bribes is a worker placement and resource management board game, set in Genoa during the Renaissance period. Each player assumes the role of one of five families struggling to increase their power and become the new Doge, Lord of the city. An innovative and unique use of a hidden worker placement mechanic gives players the feeling of being part of a Renaissance Genoa full of intrigue and deception. By hiring new employees at every turn, using a deck building system, players experience the feeling of “ever growing power” during the game.

In each round, players secretly plan to send a family member with the right skills into Genoese boroughs to perform one of the five possible actions: hire new employees, collect money, get new workers, increase your influence points or convince the local Lord that your family is worth a marriage with his beautiful daughter.

For more information about Brides & Bribes, visit the game’s page at Ares Games and at Spaceballoon websites.

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