Gloom of Thrones – An Atlas Games Mashup

Atlas Games is excited to announce the launch of their upcoming Gloom of Thrones card game on Kickstarter beginning April 2. Gloom of Thrones pairs satirical characters and calamities from the Game of Thrones universe with the award-winning Gloom format by noted RPG author Keith Baker. Printed on transparent plastic cards, Gloom of Thrones stacks misery on top of misery, delivering characters to their ultimate fate: death.

With characters like Trywin Bannister suffering tragedies like Seduced By a Sibling and Tumbled From a Tower, there is enough dark humor to delight even the most macabre. The Kickstarter campaign for Gloom of Thrones launches April 2nd, and the game will be available for general purchase in November 2019. The deluxe edition features components from GameTrayz and Campaign Coins.

“Gloom of Thrones provides the perfect backdrop for telling outlandish and lascivious stories with friends–or family members–that you don’t mind murdering,” says game producer Kyla McT. “The game’s new Porcelain
Throne mechanic brings fresh strategies to the table for existing Gloom fans, and for everyone else, new opportunities to tell stories about monarchy and power.”

In the Gloom of Thrones card game, each player controls the fate of a noble family. The goal of the game is sad, but simple: each player wants their characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on
to the well-deserved respite of death. As characters seek a moment of respite on the Porcelain Throne, the player’s goal is to plague them with horrible mishaps while filling the lives of the opponents’ families with happy events that will raise their Self-Worth score. The player with the lowest-scoring, most tragedy-afflicted family wins!

A standalone card game, Gloom of Thrones spreads the misery and suffering of Gloom across the Umpteen Kingdoms of Eastereg. Wrest control of a noble family, torment them sadistically, and deliver them to their final
rest. Launching just in time for the final season of Game of Thrones, this grimly unofficial game is perfect for Gloom fans and fans of tragedy alike.

For more information on Gloom of Thrones, visit, and find Atlas Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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