Thunderstone Quest Returns to Kickstarter July 17th

Alderac Entertainment Group announced that Hall of Fame game designer Mike Elliott’s deck-building game of heroic adventure, Thunderstone Quest is returning to Kickstarter with the Back to the Dungeon campaign.

Back to the Dungeon brings Thunderstone Quest back to Kickstarter. The new campaign features the 6th Quest: What Lies Beneath, plus the Solo & CoOp “Barricade Mode” game system. It will also feature the Champion Reward from the 1st Kickstarter including all the 1st Kickstarter’s Stretch Goals and Kickstarter Exclusive Content.

Supporters of the Back to the Dungeon Kickstarter campaign will be able to order the Thunderstone Quest Champion Reward that will be identical to the Champion Reward from the 1st Kickstarter: 5 Quests (over 1,200 cards!); all the Kickstarter exclusive cards including the Bandits of Blackrock; the Yellow Meeple; the plastic figures; the wood tokens; etc. Players who already have the Champion Reward will be able to support the Back to the Dungeon Kickstarter just for the new content, and people who are backing for the first time will be able to get everything! There will be Stretch Goals for the new content as well!

Being a Kickstarter Backer will be the only way to get Quest 2: Total Eclipse of the Sun which is included in the Champion Reward.

Thunderstone Quest will release in retail stores the 4th quarter of 2018. The new line will launch with the core starter set which contains all the basic components required for 2-4 player competitive gaming and two Quests (Quest 1: A Mirror in the Dark, and Quest 3: Risen from the Mire).

Visit the Thunderstone Quest for weekly updates and join us on Kickstarter July 17, 2018, at 9 am (Pacific), for Thunderstone Quest: Back to the Dungeon!

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