Calliope Games Origins Show Specials and Available Promos!

Calliope Games is please to announce that we will have seven different promos available at Origins Game Fair 2018. Stop by our booth, pick up one of these seven games and you will get a free promo for that game. Buy any three games and you will get all seven promos free with your purchase! If you already own every Calliope Games title (and if you do we thank you for your fantastic support), you can also purchase the promo pack for a mere $5.

Pick up your copy of Dicey Peaks by Scott Almes and take home a Yeti of your very own!

The best new Game Store in the Old West of Capital City!
Heading out to the Old West to visit relatives in Capital City? Then maybe you’ll want to visit the Game Store while you are out there! Capital City is by James Ernest and is one of our new Titan Series of Games.

Fans of Richard Garfield will enjoy some new game-related questions; we will be adding them in to your Hive Mind game with this honey of a promo card. The Queen is always in favor of more questions!

What will you do with tofu?
For fans of Zach and Jordan Weisman’s Menu Masters, we’ve got some tasty tofu that you can ship to your shops on Market Street. The tofu is a pretty wild ingredient and can be substituted for any other ingredient of its type, but it comes with a penalty. Maybe next time you’ll tell your diners about the substitution before they order!

Fuzzy Dice!
We are celebrating the release of the Roll For It! app from Thunderbox Entertainment by adding some of the wild and crazy dice from the digital app back into the analog game! There are a total of four cards to add into this Chris Leder classic, two for Roll For It! Red and two for Roll For It! Purple. Whether you prefer fuzzy dice, high-contrast dice, Sci-Fi dice, or Monster Dice, we have got you covered.





Running With The Gamers!
You can run with the bulls AND run with the gamers as they stampede into the Big Game Convention. Paul Peterson’s Running With The Bulls is ready to run with both!

All Aboard the Calliope Railroad!
Finally, to help you crisscross the country faster, we have added a set of Train Tickets into ShutterBug, by Mike Elliott. Each player will get one train ticket at the start of the game. Now you can save some time and ride the rails from any one city to any other city. Build the best portfolio and “Snap the Myth!”
Calliope Games is adding big fun to our games with these tiny promotional expansions. Stop by the Calliope Games Booth # 245 and join in!

Stop by the Calliope Games Booth for great show specials!

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