Real Ghost Stories Online Releases Terrifying “Best of…” Book

Tony Brueskis’ favorite time of year as a radio host had always been Halloween, when he was able to host “The Ghost Episode” of his show, asking listeners to call in and share their own experience with ghostly sightings and happenings. For years, the episode was not only his favorite, but the most popular as well. Eventually it occurred to him that there might be an appetite for these stories year round.

As it turns out, the podcast platform was perfect for a show devoted exclusively to that same premise.

With over 45,000 YouTube subscribers and a devoted podcast following, Tony Brueski and his wife Jenny Brueski have become the go-to hosts for firsthand tales of the paranormal. Now, for the first time, the spookiest and best tales are compiled for readers in Real Ghost Stories: Haunting Encounters Told by Real People, arriving just in time for fall. Often referred to as “group therapy for the paranormally affected,” Real Ghost Stories offers affirmation for those with haunted tales of their own, as well as a fascinating window into the unknown for those enthralled by all that goes bump in the night.

For addicting tales that will have readers double checking their mirrors, and running just a little faster up the basements steps, look no further than Real Ghost Stories.

$12.95, Trade Paper
September 2017 from Ulysses Press
ISBN: 978-1-61243-715-6
192pp, 5½ x 8½

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