Alderac Entertainment Group Gen Con Pre-Releases

For the first time AEG is letting our players see several of our games in development and have the opportunity to playtest and provide feedback!

Games that we’ll be showcasing in development this year include:

  • Edge of Darkness, the epic followup to the ORIGINS Award Winning Mystic Vale
  • Space Base, a game with a 2-dice mechanic about building the best space station
  • “The Dice Tower”, our currently untitled game built around an enormous plastic tower

There are several ways you can take part in AEG Labs activities!

Demos at the Booth: From time to time we will have some of these games featured in the demo table area at our booth. These will be ad hoc, unscheduled events that anyone can play in if you’re lucky enough to get a seat!

AEG Labs Scheduled Events:  During the show we have multiple AEG Labs events scheduled in the convention program. These are ticketed events so you’ll need to acquire a ticket to participate.

Big Game Night:  Our crack team of Vanguard Club members will be joined by the AEG design team and will host AEG Lab playtest events during Big Game Night. Seating will be first-come, first-served for ticketed Big Game Night participants!

AEG is pre-releasing Custom Heroes at GenCon. This is our biggest new game of the year and we are sure it’s going to be a hit at the show. Custom Heroes is a reimplementation of Daifugo, sometimes known as the Great Dalmuti. Players take turns playing sets of cards and the player who plays the highest set gets to start the next round. The goal is to get rid of all your cards before your opponents. The big twist is that this is a Card Crafting System game and as you play you craft new values and special abilities onto the cards!

GenCon Pre-release: $29.99 at the AEG booth while supplies last!

AEG is pre-releasing Unicornus Knights at GenCon. This is the brand-new co-operative adventure game from Seiji Kanai, the creator of Love Letter! The Princess is determined to retake her Kingdom from the Emperor who killed her family and stole her throne. The players take the roles of her loyal companions and work to defeat her enemies as she marches on the capital city!

GenCon Pre-release: $49.99 at the AEG booth while supplies last!

AEG is pre-releasing Cutthroat Kingdoms at GenCon. This is our most innovative game of the year. The players take the roles of the heads of noble houses who vie for the throne. But the spectacular twist is that the rules of the game are negotiated in realtime by the players as the game progresses!

GenCon Pre-release: $39.99 at the AEG booth while supplies last!

AEG is pre-releasing Smash Up Big In Japan at GenCon. The Smash Up Nation will be out in force at GenCon! Titans come to the game in Big In Japan – enormous oversized cards that SMASH ALL THE BASES! 4 new factions for the game: Kaiju, Magical Girls, Itty Critters and Mega Troopers hit the table! Will your game be Turning Japanese? We Really Think So!

Also!  Don’t forget to vote in The Round of 16 for new factions for next year’s Oops You Did It Again expansion!

GenCon Pre-release: $24.99 at the AEG booth while supplies last!

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