The Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge in Disneyland

The Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge Experience in Disneyland is fairly new, and I had a chance to experience it myself after a recent trip after San Diego Comic-Con.  Getting the experience for yourself will cost $45.00 per person for anyone over the age of 3, and you need to make reservations beforehand. The question is, is it worth it?

The lounge sets at the top of the Tomorrowland Expo Center, in the rear of Tomorrowland. There’s a nice big ramp that goes around it and at the base of the ramp you’ll find Cast members waiting to check you in. The lounge is open from 8:00 – 10:00 PM, and check-in starts about 15 minutes before the lounge opens. You’ll be greeted, checked off on the reservation list, given a wristband and a Tomorrowland Lounge lanyard, which is more for you to keep as a souvenir than as a way to identify you. You have the wristband for that.

You will then be led to the top of the ramp to the lounge, where you can pick up your snack pack of treats, and whatever you wish to drink. The drinks included mini-cans of soda, juice, coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. after picking these up they will lead each group one by one to their assigned seats. Once you have your assigned seat, it’s yours for the evening.

The food was good. I can’t have a lot of sugar, and half of it is filled with sugar, but I really liked the cheese and crackers. The grapes were good too. I wish I could have gotten a sugar free pack, and maybe I could have, but I didn’t ask so it was my own fault. I had figured that I had walked so much that day that the extra sugar would actually be needed rather than avoided at that point. They did have diet coke, and so I did drink that.

The seats are these cool couches and benches, which I found very comfortable with the thick cushioning on top of them. There are tables and some fake plants with phone chargers sticking out of them, although the one near me wasn’t working when I was there. The benches are all lighted with a soft colored glow, which gave a pretty effect.

You are told that you might be seated with another party if your party is small, and since it was just me I had other people sitting around me, but it wasn’t like we were sitting on top of each other. I was able to sit on my own little bench and type away on my phone while I enjoyed my snack. Soon after this, the cast members came around and offered everyone blankets, in case it got a bit chilly at night.

The view is beautiful. The Matterhorn stands out prominently in front of you, and you get a wonderful overview of all of Tomorrowland. I stood at the rail for a good 10 minutes, just admiring the view and the bustle of Disneyland. The sun was going down, and it really felt a bit magical.

One of the nice perks is that you can come and go as you wish, which is good since there is no restroom and you have to go over to Space Mountain or Autopia to use the restrooms there. I had my Space Mountain Fastpass waiting, so I headed there after finishing my snack. The fireworks that night were scheduled for 9:30, so I wanted to make sure to be back before then.

Once I returned, lo and behold there was Mickey and Minnie making their rounds of the chairs, snapping pictures with everyone and generally adding to the fun. I grabbed a quick pic with Mickey and sat down to wait for the “Remember…Dreams Come True” Fireworks Spectacular to begin.

Spectacular it was, I could see everything that was in the sky, and a bit of the fire effects and even Tinkerbell flying neat the Matterhorn. Seeing the mountain silhouetted by the explosions was an amazing sight. We easily heard the entire show as well, and though it all I sat and relaxed in comfort while watching the show.

In my opinion, it was well worth the admission price. After walking 15 miles in the park that day, It was a real treat to be able to sit and relax in comfort for a while. I could have sat there the whole two hours if I wished, but hey I had a Space Mountain Fastpass!

For larger families, that $45 per person might get a little steep. Younger kids might get bored just relaxing there for two hours. I think that this experience is best enjoyed by couples, or tired grandparents, or smaller families whose kids have no problem keeping themselves busy for a while as their parents relax. By that time there is a good chance that your kids might just pass out anyway, after a full day of fun in Disneyland.

For me, it was a godsend, and just what I needed to relax and catch my breath for a while.

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