Mage Company Releases “Burglars” in Russia with Lifestyle

This party games for 3-6 players is coming up later this year in its English version by MAGE Company and is already published in Russia by Lifestyle Games.

MAGE Company is thrilled to announce that Burglars, a fun party game for 3-6 players, has been published in Russia by market leader Lifestyle.

In Burglars, players enter a bank and try to steal as many diamonds as possible. The goal of the game is to have the most diamonds at the end of the game. This is a fun party game, where players do not only target the bank, but also one another in an effort to become the best.. burglar!

At the start of a turn, the active player declares whether they’ll rob the bank or another player. They then roll a D6 die to determine how many diamonds they’ll steal. This die roll can be modified by the cards everyone plays — whether positive (green) cards or negative (yellow) cards — after which the player receives from (or gives to) the bank or an opponent the appropriate number of diamonds. The player takes three more cards from the deck, then ends their turn.

The game was designed by Konstantinos Pattakos. “This is the first game by Konstantinos and here in MAGE Company we are thrilled for this collaboration”, mentioned Alexander Argyropoulos, General Manager of MAGE.

“Every concept gets better if you add the word goofy of course, so your burglars are quite goofy. Mostly because during the game they end up forgetting about the diamonds in the bank’s vault and start stealing one another”, says Konstatinos Pattakos, game designer.

“The game was first published in the Russian language, after a partnership between MAGE Company and Lifestyle. “The game was published a couple of months ago. We are very happy with this partnership. Lifestyle is a market leader with more than 100 games in the Russian speaking markets, so we believe it was the best collaboration we could have”, points Alexander Argyropoulos.

The game is estimated to be published in the english language in Q4 2017 with an estimated MSRP of $10.


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