Whitehall Mystery Coming from Fantasy Flight Games

FFG has announced a new stand alone board game in the Letters to Whitechapel series titled Whitehall Mystery, which to be honest I didn’t realize WAS a series until I saw this announcement. With their recent loss of “Fury of Dracula” back to GW, I’m wondering if it would be possible for FFG to expand this into Victorian London horror, kind of like “Penny Dreadful” from Showtime. I’m talking a completely different Vampire game, plus Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, Cthulhu by Gaslight, the Mummy, Sherlock Holmes, and so much more. Now not every game should be a hunter/hunted game. But the themes should all tie together.  Just, not another LCG please, I like thematic board games.

However, I digress.

Here’s what they say about the new game:

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Whitehall Mystery, the newest addition to the Letters from Whitechapel series. The hunt for history’s most notorious serial killer continues in this streamlined standalone adventure that explores one of London’s most intriguing unsolved cases.

In 1888, construction of the New Scotland Yard in London’s Whitehall District comes to a screeching halt when a woman’s torso is left on the police’s doorstep. Though somewhat out of character with the most recent wave of brutal murders, the grisly nature of the crime can only mean one thing: Jack the Ripper has returned.

This time, the killer emerges with a new game of cat-and-mouse as he plans to leave four more limbs in unknown locations throughout the city. The New Scotland Yard must reach beyond their precinct to assemble a new team of experts to hunt down the monster and bring him to justice. This may be the investigators’ last chance to capture the murderer before he slips away forever.

Whitehall Mystery gives players the opportunity to both pursue Saucy Jack and step into his shoes. Two to four players take on the roles of Jack himself or the real-life Investigators who famously took on the case at the height of the Ripper’s reign of terror. The game expands the Letters from Whitechapel universe by introducing three new Investigators, including journalist Jasper T.C. Waring and his loyal dog Smoker, surgeon Thomas Bond, and Sergeant Arthur Ferris.

This new standalone game draws directly from history for its gruesome details and dramatic pacing. Whitehall Mystery emulates the unpredictable nature of the historical crime and limited ability of London’s police force at the time by allowing the Ripper’s movements to remain unknown to the other players while he commits his crimes about the city. Without the trappings of modern criminal investigations, Investigators of Jack the Ripper’s London will have to rely on their wits and powers of deduction to track the notorious criminal across Whitehall.

Whether players choose to chase the villain or evade the law, the hunt is on in Whitehall Mystery.

Leave your mark on history. Make London quake at the mention of your name or capture Jack and end his reign of terror, once and for all.

Look for Whitehall Mystery (VA102) to be available at your local retailer in Q3 of 2017!


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