Star Trek Makes a Strong Case for the Future of VR

The major headsets have been on the market for about a year, and while there are plenty of interesting games and experiences, we’ve yet to see the killer app that makes VR a must-buy. Many games have teased the potential of what’s possible through VR, but few have been able to to make the leap from interesting novelties into must-have games. Thankfully, new titles are making their case for the future of VR, and they have some convincing points for why it really is the next big thing.

At the head of this new crop of must-play games is the release of the new VR title, Star Trek: Bridge Crew. It’s the latest in a long line of Star Trek video games, but it also might be the closest we’ve ever been to sitting at the controls of our own spaceship. The game was delayed several times, leading some to be worried for the project. Luckily, fans should be happy to know that the wait was worth it as they set their course for the final frontier.

The latest game to feature the Star Trek franchise puts players in the one of four different seats on their own Starfleet spaceship, the U.S.S. Aegis. Gamers can command the ship with the help of a group of friends, or switch between the different stations themselves as they traverse the galaxy. Fans can command the helm of the ship, operate scanners and weapons, run the engineering, or sit in the captain’s chair themselves. The game has been praised for the immersive experience it provides, and is a good demonstration of just what’s possible through VR. And yes, before you ask, you can also command the classic Enterprise from the original series.

But it’s more than just high-profile games that are getting the VR treatment. The technology is being adapted to all kinds of games across the spectrum, from AAA titles to casual games designed for online platforms. It’s particularly evident in the world of online casino gaming. Developers have long looked for ways to improve the immersion in these games, but one gaming company has taken the next step to create its own VR slot reels. NetEnt announced earlier this year that it was creating a virtual reality title by retro-fitting one of its most popular slots to work with VR devices. This will mark an important moment for casual games as they make the leap to virtual reality, and plenty of other popular app-based games will likely follow suit.

Star Trek proves there are great things to be done with VR, and online gaming clearly shows there’s a massive audience waiting for the right games to come along. The technology continues to become more pervasive throughout culture, and as more great games keep being released, we’ll also see more people adopting the technology. The games are only going to keep getting better as developers catch on, and hardware will become more affordable, making the future of virtual reality bright for gamers everywhere.

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