Halloween Comes Early…On Kickstarter

Coming to Kickstarter on May 23rd is Halloween from Quined Games.

Halloween is a game where you and the other players will take control over all the different ghosts on the board. During their turns, each player will perform three of the actions available on their player tablet. Each player can activate any ghost on the main board, provided that its requirements are met. The game proceeds clockwise until a player triggers the end of the game. This happens when a player has completely run out of their haunt tokens. A final scoring then happens, and the player with the most Haunting Points (HPs) wins.

Be very careful, though: if you wait to spend your haunt tokens you may get more points for each of them, but you may lose the possibility of placing some of them, rendering them useless. During your turn you can also activate one of the action cards. To do this you have to spend one of your action discs, so you’ll have less discs to plan your actions. You claim these cards until the end of the game, they can give you a bonus when doing certain actions or provide bonus HPs at the end of each game.

The game plays in about 45-90 minutes, it supports 2-4 players. Angelo de Maio is the author, the art is done by Konstantin Vohwinkel and miniatures by Stephane Simon.

The rules of the game will be available in English at the start of the campaign, in the game box you’ll find rules in English, German, French and Dutch.

The Kickstarter will go live on the 23rd of May at 13:00u CET. (1 PM).

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