Explore the Night Sky with Constellations: The Card Game

On Kickstarter Right Now is Constellations: The Game of Star Gazing and the Night Sky

In Constellations: The Game of Star Gazing and the Night Sky you explore the vastness of space, collecting stars to define and map out real world constellations. Players compete to find the right stars and construct the needed patterns. Draw Star Cards and decode the universe with strategy and puzzle skills.

Constellations is perfect for ages 8 and up and comes ready with basic and advanced levels that can be changed according to your gaming table and player skill level.

On a mission to inspire kids and citizen scientists about science and technology using space subjects – Xtronaut is the brainchild of Dr. Dante Lauretta, a planetary scientist and the Principal Investigator (leader) of the $1 billion NASA OSIRIS-REx mission to an asteroid, and Mike Lyon, an organizer of the first space tourist flights on the Russian Soyuz.


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