Beware the Yeti in Dicey Peaks from Calliope

In Dicey Peaks, players take on the role of brave adventurers racing to be the first to reach the fabled flag atop Yeti Mountain. To succeed, they must choose which dice to roll and skillfully manage their oxygen supply! Each turn, players make important choices about when to climb and when to rest. As they forge ahead, the mountain tiles are revealed, introducing hazards and surprises. Additionally, the Yetis are always lurking, and encountering them can terrify players to move ahead even when it isn’t their turn.

Dicey Peaks offers a fun experience taking fewer than 50 minutes, allowing even the busiest of households to come together for a game.

For only $26 donators receive the game with all unlocked stretch goals delivered to their door for free. Kickstart Dicey Peaks, or let the Yetis Win,

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