Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 Comes to a Close

Thank you Dark Horse, from those of us who have loved Buffy and her cast of misfit scoobies over the years, and just couldn’t bear to see it all end. You have brought us three entire new seasons worth of Buffy goodness, with character development, dangers new and old, and a big thumbs up from Joss Whedon himself.

Now that third new season, Season 10 in the Buffy timeline, is coming to a close in Season 10, Issue #30. The Vengeance Demon D’Hoffryn has plans to eliminate the Buffy crew and take over the world, and some familiar faces have joined him. The final battle is filed with humor, surprises, some smiles and some tears. It’s hard to believe that I can care about these characters so much after all these years off of the silver screen, but Dark Horse, the writing of Christos Gage, and the artwork of Rebekah Isaacs, bring an emotional response out of me every time. Hell, they even got a “Brilliant!” out of me in this issue.

Plus, you’ll get a peek at when might be in store for us in Season 11!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10, Issue 30 goes on sale August 24th.

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