MST3K Reunion Show Coming June 28th

Finally together once again doing what we love, Riffing bad movies. In attendance will be all of your favorites including Dr Clayton Forester and TV’s Frank, but the question on everyone’s mind is of course will Bobo be there?


Sadly, the rumor is that Professor Bobo was released into the Minnesota wilds shortly after the original series ended, and is believed to be currently stuffed and mounted on the wall of the cast of “Killing Bigfoot”. However this has never been confirmed and anything is possible.

For the rest of us, we may have to make due with the secondary stars of the show, On Tuesday June 28th, Rifftrax is celebrating their tenth anniversary with a historic live event, reuniting with their fellow cast members from Mystery Science Theater 3000 for one night of great comedy. RiffTrax Live: MST3K Reunion will be simulcast live to hundreds of theaters nationwide.


Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy will welcome MST3K alums Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Bridget Nelson, Mary Jo Pehl and MST Creator Joel Hodgson for a night of their trademark humorous movie commentary, riffing on a variety of short films. Also on hand will be the newest Satellite of Love host, comedian Jonah Ray. The night culminates with a first-ever “Riffapalooza” uniting the entire cast onstage to skewer a new, never-before-riffed short film.

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