Missed C2E2 this Year? Here’s what you didn’t See

Last Weekend, March 18-20 2016, was the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo once again at McCormick Place in Chicago. While you might expect to see lots of comic book vendors and artists in Artist Alley, there are also lots of different and unusual exhibitors you might not expect to see. Every year there are new and innovative booths popping up at C2E2, and here are just a few.

Metal Earth model kits from Fascinations. If you haven’t seen these nifty metal model kits then you are really missing something. What started with various buildings like the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building has expanded into Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo, Marvel and more.

20160319_162556 20160319_162612


Her’s a company I don’t remember seeing before. Their work is simply amazing. Insight Editions presents Insight Collectibles

My Daughter and I are Reading Harry Potter right now. Would love to get my hands on these.
A Game of Thrones journal with seal and wax? Drool….
The Harry Potter Monster Book is Awesome
Didn’t get to see the whole thing, but this looks like a Game of Thrones pop up book to me. Not like the ones I had as a kid that’s for sure.
Ok, I didn’t ask for assistance, so I don’t know what’s inside these Alien books, but I WANT to know!



The Roddenberry Shop was there with all sorts of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Merchandise, I wonder if all of the employees can do the Vulcan hand salute?

20160319_155344 20160319_155332


And the Funko Pop booth was showing off their new loot crates including Star Wars and Marvel (Civil War Box coming soon!)

20160319_155245 20160319_155238


And nothing like a giant Groot Funco vinyl pop figure to draw in the crowd!


And I’ve got more, but here’s a teaser. Did you know that Supergirl and her sister were there too?


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