Hull Breach!: In Defiance of Dictators Card Game Expansion

Hull Breach is the award-winning Card Game from Not-So-Broken (NSB) Games. This space-based Card and Dice tabletop game features epic combat between warships, firefights during Marine boarding actions, and a multitude of clever tactics and galaxy-shaking events. First released in 2011, with a re-release in 2014, Hull Breach is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the gaming world.

Currently they are running a Kickstarter campaign for their newest expansion, In Defiance of Dictators, as well as the supplementary items required for the continued development of their new Organized Play program. Currently more than a third of the way towards their Kickstarter goal with 20 days to go, they are already designing new items for future expansions. For more information, please see the Kickstarter page:

Hull Breach Dictators

The NSB Game Team was founded by veterans, and so they have also announced their partnership with Operation Supply Drop, a 501c3 organization that specializes in providing games, products, apparel and other items for veterans deployed, as well as those in hospitals and military installations across the world. They currently have a $28 Operation Supply Drop Package, which not only donates a copy of Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators to our troops for their Supply Drops, but also donates funds to this worthy cause. The $28 Package is available as both a stand-alone option and as an add-on for other packages. Check out their partnership at It’s a great idea and a wonderful way for us to help support our troops across the globe.

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