Geek & Sundry to Launch First Inkshares Publishing Contest

Geek & Sundry To Launch First Inkshares Publishing Contest with “Hard Science Fiction” Theme

Inkshares Partnering with Science and Entertainment Exchange To Review All Winning Titles for Scientific Accuracy

Inkshares, a start-up crowdfunded book publisher, announced today that the next theme in their Nerdist and Geek & Sundry contest series will be “Hard Science Fiction,” hosted by  Geek & Sundry, launching on April 4, 2016. This follows the conclusion of the Nerdist “Space Opera” contest, where Chrisopher Leone’s Champions of the Third Planet took the top prize: a full publishing deal with Inkshares, inclusion in the Nerdist Collection, and the opportunity to develop his work into other media such as movies, television, and digital productions.

The “Hard Science Fiction” theme follows the staggering success of Andy Weir’s The Martian, one of the biggest self-publishing success stories of recent years and now a blockbuster Oscar-nominated film. The three contest finalists with the most unique reader pre-orders will have their novels published by Inkshares with perks including editorial and design services, printing, marketing, and distribution into bookstores nationwide. Geek & Sundry will then select at least one of the winners to be the debut novel in their Inkshares Collection. And all three winning titles will receive a consultation for scientific accuracy from scientists at the Science and Entertainment Exchange, the Hollywood-facing arm of the National Academy of Sciences.


Geek & Sundry founder Felicia Day said, “I am a huge reader and am thrilled that we can offer the many creative people in our community the opportunity to publish their work. The theme of Hard Science is especially interesting now, when the VR of the 80’s Cyberpunk world is actually becoming reality. So I can’t wait to see what people submit.”


Rick Loverd, Program Director of The Science & Entertainment Exchange, said “We proudly support contemporary storytellers as they engage current and coming generations with far reaching visions that encourage more engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math. Narrative plays a critical role in coaxing people to dream big and then create a better future. Let’s all inspire the readers of today to work on the technical challenges of tomorrow.”

“We love the diversity within science fiction and fantasy, but hard science fiction holds a special place in our hearts” said Jeremy Thomas, CEO of Inkshares. “We think the best hard science fiction books have the capacity to inspire—to make readers feel like what might be fantasy in another context is not just possible, but inevitable. We believe there is an undiscovered hard science book out there with the power to shape our future, and we intend to find it on Inkshares.”

More information on the contest can be found on the Inkshares contest page. Stay tuned for additional theme announcements from Geek & Sundry and Nerdist, and follow along with the contest’s progress on Twitter @GeekandSundry, @Nerdist, and @Inkshares.

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