All New Aliens: Defiance Series from Dark Horse Comics

On April 27th, Dark Horse will release the first issue of an all new ongoing “Aliens” comic book series: Aliens: Defiance. 

I consider “Aliens” one of the best horror films of all time, and although there has been many movie releases since then, Aliens is still my favorite of the lot.  Dark Horse Comics is releasing an all new original monthly series set in the Aliens universe, and I had the opportunity to take a look at the first issue of Aliens: Defiance.

Here’s what a story would need to evoke some of those original feelings I experienced back when the movie first came out, and how Dark Horse’s series measures up.

First off, we need the evil Weyland-Yutani Corporation, who is perpetually hell bent on bringing the apocalyptic Alien Species to Earth for militaristic purposes. Check! Evil Corp is attempting once again to bring some horrific monsters home.

We also need a strong female protagonist. Check! The main character is a Colonial Marine named Zula Hendricks, who has recently recovered from some traumatic experience that left her with a spinal injury and months of difficult physical therapy.

We need a spooky ship floating in space. Check! Zula is sent, along with a team of synthetic drones, to recover a derelict ship for salvage for the aforementioned corporation of evil.

We need synthetic humans that you aren’t sure you can trust. Check! As a mentioned, there is an entire team of synths in this story. The main one actually leading the mission. Is he on the up and up? What about the rest of the team?

We need some visually terrifying Aliens. Check! You’ll meet some Aliens right here in issue #1, and Tristan Jones delivers some haunting imagery strong enough to invoke that fear response you get in the pit of your stomach. Course, I used to have nightmares, really don’t want those back again…

And we need a compelling story. Check! If you think it sounds like the same old Aliens story, you would be incorrect. There is enough here to make you feel comfortable that you are back in the Aliens universe, but the story from Brian Wood is all new. Issue #1 takes the story in a direction that I didn’t anticipate, and it sets us up for some horrific adventures to come.

I enjoyed it, I’m sucked in, I am looking forward to issue #2. Damn things still get to me.

Aliens: Defiance Issue #1 goes on sale April 27th. The final cut off for Previews orders is April 4th, Previews order #: FEB160010

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