Serious Poulp To Launch ‘7th Continent’ Board Game on Kickstarter 9/29

The 7th Continent, the board game where YOU are the hero, is coming to Kickstarter the 29th of September 2015: Help us create the biggest adventure game ever!

The 7th Continent is a game of exploration and survival for 1 to 4 players, inspired by the gamebooks where YOU are the hero. You play the role of an explorer at the beginning of the 20th century who has returned from an expedition to the newly discovered 7th Continent, a mysterious and hostile land inspired by Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft. You have brought more than relics and tales of adventure back with you however, a nefarious curse now eats away at your soul and you must return to the continent to find out what ails you and purge it… or die trying.

Progress at your own pace through this mysterious land, building the board piece by piece with numbered Terrain and Event cards.

If you want to live through the many dangers of the 7th Continent and lift your curse, you will have to use all your survival skills: craft items, hunt and fish to get food, learn how to benefit from your environment, spend experience points to acquire new abilities, etc.

The game uses an innovative card system to determine success or failure when undertaking actions. No need to roll dice!

Unlike other board games, The 7th Continent will take you through many, MANY hours of adventure as you explore the continent to lift your curse. To make this manageable, the game includes a simple yet effective save system that allows you to quickly interrupt the game at any time and have it ready for your next session, just like in a video game.

After 2 years of work, Serious Poulp, Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter – with 2 internationally published games already under their belt – are bringing The 7th Continent to the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

The game play has been heavily tested with dozens of both public and private play testing sessions and hundreds of original illustrations are being created.

The campaign begins on Kickstarter the 29th of September 2015 at 3 pm EST and will be available in both English and French with 2 pledge levels:

  • SURVIVOR at 59€ : Includes the base box with over 700 cards (terrain, random events, characters, ideas, items, etc.) and 3 curses, 8 Kickstarter exclusive miniatures and all unlocked stretch goals.
  • EXPLORER at 89€: Includes the survivor pledge level contents plus 3 cross-compatible expansions including one that is a Kickstarter exclusive. Each one increases the size of the continent as well as adding a new curse, for a total of over 1000 cards!

    With the support of our backers and depending on the funding level reached, we hope to unlock many surprises during the campaign and make The 7th Continent the largest playing field ever!

    The 7th Continent: 1000+ minutes of adventure for 1 to 4 players, 12 years and up.

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