Wings of Glory to be Played on New Breakthrough Gaming Technology

Wings of Glory licensed to be played on new breakthrough gaming technology

The best-selling tabletop game of aerial combat will be one of the first games to be available as an app on the ePawn Arena connected gaming board

wog1What about playing Wings of Glory with your miniatures on a real tabletop, while all your maneuver and combat capabilities are available through a easy-to-use app on your smart device? The license agreement between Ares Games – publisher of Wings of Glory – and the French startup ePawn, will allow players to do just that.

Wings of Glory, the best-selling tabletop miniature game of aerial  combat, will be one of the first games to be supported by an app for ePawn Arena, a revolutionary board that interfaces with smartphones, tablets or PCs, allowing gamers to use real-world game pieces with their online and mobile devices. ePawn Arena will be launched on Kickstarter, on July 7th.

ePawn Arena leverages ePawn’s patented object-tracking technology to bridge real and virtual gaming, breathing new life into mobile game pieces and smart robot-toys. Designed to support a growing range of games, just like a video game console, ePawn Arena will launch together with several action games, where smartphones drive the “toys”. The WW2 Wings of Glory game will be among the first to be available, and it will include the digital application, a terrain mat to customize the gaming board and two airplanes (FW190D and Spitfire Mk.IX) included free in-app (miniatures are not included).

Additional planes will be available for purchase within the application, and a Kickstarter exclusive code will allow gamers to get all airplaneswog2 included.

“ePawn Arena will offer a unique experience, combining the best of the traditional and digital gaming experience in a unique combination. Players will be able to use their Wings of Glory miniatures with the ePawn Arena, enjoying at the same time the convenience and usability allowed by the digital experience. We are very glad ePawn had decided to launch Wings of Glory as one of the pilot applications that will show to players the possibilities offered by this new platform”, said Roberto Di Meglio, Director of R&D of Ares Games.

wog3“We are really excited to have Wings of Glory as one of the very first games available on the ePawn Arena. We think that our connected board together with the beautiful airplanes miniatures will provide gamers with an incredible experience at the nexus of real and virtual gaming. The game mechanics are perfect to be ported on the Arena: players will be able to secretly program the movements of the airplanes on their smartphones and the miniatures will automatically move on the mat. While the application will manage the rules, the lines of sight and the damages, the players will focus on tactics and immersion”, declared Christophe Duteil, co-founder and CEO of ePawn.

For more information about Wings of Glory, visit the Ares Games website – WW1 Wings of Glory, WW2 Wings of Glory.

The ePawn Arena will be live on Kickstarter on July 7th.



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