Chaosmos to Debut at Origins 2015

Mirror Box Games is at Origins to release Chaosmos, their long-awaited social deduction and space exploration board game. Chaosmos is a hidden-information strategy board game in which 2-4 players compete to locate and possess the Ovoid at the exact moment the universe collapses, to become master of the new universe. Chaosmos is available in most countries via retail and online through a partnership with Jasco Games and distribution deals with Alliance, GTS, Southern Hobby, and others.


Chaosmos is the hand-management strategy board game of “spying, hoarding, deceiving, stashing, and sneaking.” The game utilizes several unique mechanics, including a system of location-specific envelopes which contain adjustable caches of items for that location, and a turn clock that counts down to the final turn (and can be sped-up via a card).

“A miracle… a completely new game system.” – Kitanota (BGG)
“Incredible. 10/10. I’ll be playing Chaosmos for the rest of my life.” – Nerd Nighters Podcast
“The most fun I’ve ever had playing a board game.” – Nerdburger Podcast

What makes Chaosmos different from other games?

  • Unique Victory Goal: All players seek the same card, the Ovoid. You must control the Ovoid at a specific moment. Players can hold the Ovoid or hide it on a planet protected by a vault or trap.
  • Open World: Chaosmos is a sandbox-style game that gives you the freedom to explore many paths to victory. Each turn you can move in any direction, exploring new planets and choosing how to adapt your strategy as you discover new equipment. You can test out cool gadgets, protect caches of items, stock up on weapons, or anything else you can imagine .
  • Area-Caching: Each location (planet) has a corresponding card envelope in which the player controlling the planet can secretly stash equipment or set up traps. When you leave a location, you must relinquish control of that cache.
  • Closed Ecosystem: There is no draw deck; all the cards are distributed amongst the players’ hands and planet envelopes. When you land on a planet, you can take or leave cards in the stash there. You can also protect cards with Vaults, Bases, and Traps. Most cards return to your hand after playing them, and there are cards that counter other cards. So players scramble from planet to planet adapting and out-thinking their opponents and collecting card combos to counter their enemies.
  • Chaos Clock: When a player has finished his or her turn, they click the three-dimensional punchboard dial down one notch. When it reaches zero, the game is over– and there’s a Temporal Displacer card that can affect the game’s ending.
  • Exploration as Hand Management: Players explore planets each turn, so instead of equipping only a few items per game, managing equipment cards becomes a primary focus. Combat is the only way to steal items from another player’s hand.
  • Card Interaction: Cards will move organically around the planets as players find uses for them. By paying attention to what your opponents play, you can pick up cards that counter their strategies, giving you an edge for the next encounter.
  • Replayability: Multiple alien powers, a fully customizable modular hex board and six different game variants. Also includes two mini-expansions: planet effect tokens and a campaign mode that lets players upgrade their alien powers
Chaosmos closeup
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