GreenBrier Games Teams Up with Twin Fire Productions

Greenbrier Games has teamed up with Twin Fire Productions the designers of Folklore:The Affliction! They are excited to work with these talented designers and bring the game to life!

Folklore: The Affliction is an adventure game where characters acquire Lore as they face and defeat the malign and supernatural forces known as Afflictions. It is a highly immersive board game of epic scale and expand-ability. Multi-layer Character development and player interaction spearheads this collaborative ongoing adventure in a quest to drive the darkness back into the hell from which it came.

Stay tuned as they begin to announce Folklore-inspired products such as a new line of fantasy-horror and supernatural miniatures for use in Folklore or your favorite RPG as well as the game Folklore the Affliction coming to Kickstarter!


Fantasy Lore Resin Miniatures Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

This campaign features Fantasy resin miniatures that can be customized for your favorite RPG, tabletop, and/or miniature game! Our Fantasy Resin minis range in size from 30 mm to 40 mm and are cast in resin for a high level of detail. At Greenbrier Games we’ve always put our minis in the spotlight, but this time it’s the sole focus of the campaign! Each Character comes with their own “Mutation Pack” which allows for unique resin customization with new arms and heads. At the start of the campaign we have 10 exciting resin miniatures to offer. As you can see below we are showcasing some new miniatures never seen before and bringing back some of our most beloved. For those of you who are still waiting on either Yashima or Fairytale Miniatures to reach your hands, fear not as you will receive them well before this projects expected delivery.  However now is your chance to customize your Yashima Rosamu, or Fairytale Goldilocks.

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Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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