Last Few Hours to back “Space Cadets: Away Missions” on Kickstarter with All Stretch Goals Met

  • LAST 48 HOURS to pledge for the promos!
  • Kickstarter ends Fri. Feb. 20 at noon EDT!
  • All Stretch Goals UNLOCKED!
  • 100 plastic miniatures!
  • Upgraded Brain-In-A-Jar!
  • Hardcover Promo Scenarios & Illustration Book!
  • With Free WorldWide Shipping!
Space Cadets: Away Missions is over $110K pledged, and on a big upswing!
They have made some very well-received changes in the past few days, including:
  • All backers at the “game level” ($99+) get:
    • Kickstarter Promo Scenarios and Illustration Book — HARDCOVER, minimum of 36 pages, containing 8 Promo Scenarios, game illustrations, character and alien bios, and much more!
      Retail value = $25.
    • +14 Kickstarter Promo Cards!
      Retail Value = $10.

      The HARDCOVER Kickstarter Promo Scenarios and Illustrations Book! FREE TO ALL KICKSTARTER BACKERS (at $99+ levels) with 36+ glossy pages!

      Contains 8 Promo Scenarios, Illustrations, Character and Alien Bios, and more!

  • All Stretch Goals unlocked! Backers of the game now get ADDITIONALLY:
    • 6th Rocketeer character: Yeoman Cooke Hanna (new sculpt, plastic mini #90)
    • Yeoman Cookie Hanna Rocketeer Character Sheet
    • +2 Kickstarter Promo Scenarios
    • +4 MORE Kickstarter Promo Scenarios (this brings up the KS Promo Scenarios to 8) — AND ALL 8 Kickstarter Promo Scenarios will be going into the new HARD COVER “Kickstarter Promo and Illustrations Book” mentioned above!
    • +6 New Scenarios for 5-6 Players (bringing the total of in-box Scenarios to 20!)
    • +1 New Scenario Tile
    • +10 More Saucermen (plastic minis #91 through 100 plastic miniatures! Woot!)
    • +92 Full-Sized Cards (replacing and upgrading the mini-cards)
    • +33 Rocketeer Item Markers
    • +94 plastic transparent cubes (upgrading and replacing the wooden cubes)
  • Upgraded The Brain-In-A-Jar plastic miniature:
    • The Brain-In-A-Jar plastic miniature now really has a JAR surrounding the BRAIN!  It is a real “Brain-In-A-Jar” and it’s “painting friendly!” So cool!

Yeah, it’s got a JAR now. The Brain is IN a JAR! Awesome!


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