Mayfair Games takes you to the Flea Market in February

Coming in late February from Mayfair Games is Flea Market!

FleaMarketBoxIt’s Market Day, so head down to the flea market to see what hidden treasures you can find. As a buyer’s agent, you are trying to find popular items, buy them cheap, and sell them for a profit!

If you are the first player to earn $45 you win!

Leo Colovini’s Bargain Hunting Dice Game


  • Market board
  • 3 demand dice
  • 10 player dice (2 dice per player)
  • 5 player tiles
  • 1 active agent tile
  • 16 cool item tokens
  • 60 pieces of cash
  • 1 rules sheet

MFG4406            Flea Market™    $21.00

For 3-5 Players

Ages 8+

Playing Time <30 + minutes

Designer: Leo Colovini

Art: Patricia Raubo

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