Dragon Tides Tabletop Action Miniatures Game Starring Bruce and Brandon Lee!

Artistic Justice Games announces Dragon Tides, a officially licensed miniatures game themed after classic and modern action movies, where Bruce and Brandon Lee team up with other heroes to infiltrate the inner workings of the powerful Tiger Organization, and bring them to justice.

Designed by Kevin G. Nunn and Luther Bell Hendricks V (Sentinel Tactics, Schlock Mercenaries), Dragon Tides is a story driven, semi co-op game using custom dice to evoke the feeling of martial arts action/adventure as well as a card element that focuses on how well you read your opponents. Each character has a unique set of signature moves that showcase their personal techniques. Dragon Tides introduces a unique cast of characters that are iconic to the Action genre, creating the roster for the Tiger Organization.

Dragon Tides emphasizes non-linear play, where your decisions during narrative or from the success or defeat from a scene, guides you to the next location and part of the story. Each scene has different objectives for both the heroes and the Tiger Organization making the game more than just a beat-em-up. Components include 6 double sided hex maps that are interchanged based on the scene setup; Miniatures of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Viktoria Jovovich, Luke Elba, and the 4 bosses/sub-bosses; 10 Action Dice; 6 Player Boards; Henchmen and item tokens; Signature Move Cards and Attack Cards specific for each character; and health counters.

The Miniature figures are sculpted by Greenbrier Games, LLC.

Dragon Tides is for 1-5 players and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign


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