The Pathfinder Monster Codex is Here!

Next month Paizo will begin shipping the Monster Codex to customers. This latest hardcover rulebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game features more than 200 stat blocks for 20 of the Pathfinder RPG’s most commonly encountered foes.

Planning to use orcs in an upcoming adventure? Don’t bother spending valuable prep time designing orc thugs, leaders, and witch doctors. Just flip to the orc chapter and load your dungeons with ready-to-go denizens designed for easy insertion into any Pathfinder campaign!

The early print copies of the Monster Codex arrived in our offices just over a month ago, and I’ve practically had to keep a lock on my office door to prevent the rest of the Paizo staff from pilfering our few copies to use in their own home campaigns.

Simply put, the Monster Codex is one of the most flat-out useful rulebooks we’ve ever published. I’ve already used three of the chapters in my own games, and Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn (my Monday night GM) has made ample use of the kobold and drow sections, adding significant flavor to his game with almost zero additional preparation.

The Monster Codex includes in-depth chapters on the following races:PZO1130_500

  • Boggards
  • Bugbears
  • Drow
  • Duergar
  • Fire Giants
  • Frost Giants
  • Ghouls
  • Gnolls
  • Goblins
  • Hobgoblins
  • Kobolds
  • Lizardfolk
  • Ogres
  • Orcs
  • Ratfolk
  • Sahuagin
  • Serpentfolk
  • Troglodytes
  • Trolls
  • Vampires

In addition to about a dozen fully-detailed stat blocks per monster type, each section also includes cultural details, alternative race traits, favored class options, feats, new spells, and magic items tailored for each creature type, adding appropriate tactical and reward options for campaigns that feature them.

This CR 11 drow alchemist has a bunch of poisons your player characters will die for.
Illustration by Alexandre Chaudret

Beware the ghoul huntsmaster, a CR 7 ranger and his corpse cat companion!
Illustration by Wayne England

Bow down before the might of the CR 14 serpentfolk high priest!
Illustration by Florian Stitz

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Monster Codex is estimated to start shipping to subscribers October 6th, and releases in retail stores on October 22nd. Make sure you order yours beforehand from or let your local retailer know you need one to ensure that you get your copy right away!

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