Geenbrier Games Launching Two New Kickstarters

The first is Dragon Tides!


Artistic Justice Games (Creators of Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale) has launched Dragon Tides on Kickstarter!  It is a fast-paced action, dice/card based Martial Arts Miniatures Game starring Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee (Officially Licensed!)

This game is a tribute to the action genre, martial arts movies, and video games such as Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, and Final Fight. Dragon Tides is broken up into chapters and scenarios that drive the story for the game and its characters.

1-5 Players play as Bruce, Brandon, Viktoria and Luke. Each character will delve into his or her individual story line, bringing unique gameplay elements to the table as they go up against the “Tiger Organization”.

The creative minds behind the gameplay design are none other than Kevin G. Nunn and Luther Bell Hendricks V, gameplay designers of Sentinel Tactics and Schlock Mercenary! They will polish our game concept to ensure that Dragon Tides is a fast-paced game with great replay-ability for casual gamers, with enough depth to appeal to more advanced gamers.

See More info available on Kickstarter!



Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters (Launching on Kickstarter Sept.9th!)

Yashima, Legend of the Kami Masters is a card-driven tactical-miniatures game where each player customizes their chosen kami master and engages in player vs. player or team vs. team combat. It includes four characters and four kami, each with their own unique skills and powers. Each character includes a high-detail miniature.


Game Highlights

  • A player’s life is determined by the remaining cards in their Battle Deck. The Battle Deck also generates karma to unleash new abilities.If you lose a battle card it affects your game play and also your life span in the game.
  • Interchangeable character and Kami cards provide 16 playable combinations
  • The ancestral tome of kami lore provides page-turning mechanics that give players multiple tactical options
  • Having to face your opponent, use attack patterns, and “friendly fire” makes melee-combat simple, yet engaging
  • Players are not eliminated in multi-player games, instead they hit “restoration” then return to battle; the first player/team to cause all opponents to hit restoration first, wins the game

Want to check it out before the Kickstarter? Download the Print & Play now!

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