Fun on the Farm with Fun Farm

Game Name: Fun FarmFun Farm

Publisher: Iello

Designer: Luca Bellini

Year: 2013

Players: 2 – 10

Ages: 6+

Playing Time: 15 Minutes

Retail Price: $29.99

Category: Kids Game


  • 6 Foam Animals
  • 24 Cards
  • 2 Dice: 1 White, 1 Black
  • Instructions

From Iello:

The animals have escaped from that farm! You need to bring them back before they get into trouble. Catch as many animals as you can, and catch them more quickly than your opponents. Fun Farm – A fast and funny game for people with good eyes, sharp mind and quick hands!

Fun Farm is a quick and easy game to learn. It comes with 6 kids’ hand sized foam animals, 24 picture cards, 2 colorful dice and a rulebook. The setup is simple; just place the foam animals in a random circle with enough space in the middle for the cards but easily within reach of all players. Next, shuffle the deck of 24 cards and place them face down outside the circle. Finally, choose who goes first. Iello suggests, “The last player who cuddled a pet is the Farmer and will play first.” Of course, any fair method you choose will work.

The object of the game is to collect as many of the cards as possible by the time the last card from the deck is played. If one or more players tie, then another round is played until only one player has the most cards and therefore the winner.

To begin play, the Farmer (player that goes first) draws a card from the deck and places it inside the circle of animals. Each card has a picture of its corresponding foam animal and an image of each of the dice; one in the top left corner and the other in the bottom right corner. The Farmer then rolls both dice in an attempt to ‘activate’ the card in the middle and capture it before anyone else does. Activation happens by matching colors from the dice roll to the dice colors on the cards. For instance; the Farmer rolls the dice and has black with a yellow circle and white with the blue circle, the Pig card in the center has black with a yellow circle and white with a green circle. The black die roll would actually activate the Pig card. If that occurs then the first player to grab the foam animal of the ‘activated’ card wins that card and places it in a pile of their own. Once all cards in the middle are claimed, the turn is over, all the foam animals are put back into the circle, and the dice are passed to the next player. However, if none of the cards are activated, the cards stay in the middle and the dice are passed to the next player.

The second turn, the next player draws a card and places it in the middle and then rolls to try to activate the card or cards if none were removed from the previous turn. When the turn ends the dice get passed to the next player and so on until all the cards have been collected, counted, and a winner is declared. It’s that easy! But beware! Don’t grab the wrong foam animal or else you lose a random card from the ones you’ve won and must place it back into the circle. There are clarifications in the rules that help with the “what ifs” that come up, like, what if no one notices a card was activated before the next card was drawn, then that ‘animal’ escapes and can’t be captured. There aren’t many of those, though.

We gave younger players at a pattern recognition disadvantage a bit of a secret head start until they got used to what they were looking for, then all bets were off.   While that may sound cruel, it really isn’t. Once the young player(s) caught on, they were just as fast as the adults.

Overall, this is a very fun game to play that helps with observation and reflexes, as well as teaches pattern recognition and step following. The foam animals and dice are the perfect size for child and adult hands alike. The chuckles would abound when one of us would lunge to capture an animal only to fumble and have it go flying across the table.

It’s funny to watch really, everyone stares intently at the dice for a moment, and then the hands go crazy. The kids actually had an advantage here because they are small and quick, and whoever gets their hand on the animal first wins it. There were even times when you would actually be trying to move both of your hands for different animals at the same time.

The animals are fun and you’ll probably end up bonking each other in the head with them before the game is over. Be warned though, if you have dogs in the house, these are just the perfect little chew toys. A slobbered on pig with one ear really just isn’t as fun to play with.

One helpful suggestion; rolling the dice close together and near the animals will help make it easier for the kids to make comparisons. However, if you are out to crush the youthful competition, then roll away! You know they sure will!

Plus my 7 year old daughter gives Fun Farm by Iello a big two thumbs up!

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