What’s Going Digital at Gen Con – Hearthstone Anyone?

Gen Con released a new newsletter with all of their hot digital offerings at the show, read on:

Don’t miss Games & Gears at Gen Con 2014! Their brushes, miniature accessories, and hobby gear are of the highest quality. This year, Games & Gears is offering an exclusive Gen Con brush and miniature tavern. These beautiful items are only available through the website, to be picked up at Gen Con, so order yours today!

Golem Arcana
Looking for a new miniatures game? Check out a demo, then come play a game that connects the game board, minis, & smartphones/tablets to create an enhanced tabletop gaming experience. Golem Arcana combines miniatures gaming with mobile technology to deliver a tabletop game that’s easy to learn and fast to play while maintaining the depth of mechanics and story that will keep players involved for years. By connecting the figures and gameboard to mobile devices, Golem Arcana opens up an exciting new direction for tabletop miniatures gaming! Come play the newest game from Jordan Weisman, creator of Battletech, Shadowrun, Mage Knight, and HeroClix.

Nintendo Tournaments
Nexus Gaming Alliance Inc. is running two exciting tournaments for Nintendo players. The first pits shell-slinging, banana-sliding pilots against the course and each other in Mario Kart 8, the latest installment in the classic franchise. Tickets are also still available for the Super Smash Brothers Melee FFA tournament. Winners of both events will get choice items from the prize table! 
Artemis – Patrol Station Zero
The ultimate test for a Terran Stellar Navy crew! You are in command of one of the TSN’s elite Artemis Class Light Cruisers, on patrol in deep space. In this game-mastered two hour session, you and your crew will face a variety of challenges, while receiving orders from the sector commander. Each mission features full interaction with a GM controlling the action, and roleplaying as the sector commander. Your actions and decisions impact the course of the scenario, so no scenario will play out the same way! Welcome to the ultimate immersive Artemis experience!
Hearthstone King of the Hill
Is your Hearthstone deck ready to weather the competition at Gen Con? Join of the many Hearthstone King of the Hill events and see how long you can stay on top! Game-winners advance until someone reaches 10 in a row. Those who remain King of the Hill will receive an exclusive Gen Con 2014 Video Game Medal. 
Mesa Mundi’s d20Pro
The future of tabletop gaming has arrived. Mesa Mundi’s d20Pro software automates and consolidates all the monotonous elements of d20 roleplaying, from combat simulation to map management to skill checks and initiatives. Attend this informational seminar run by the developers or attend one of these d20Pro workshops and take home your own flashdrive pre-loaded with maps, tokens, and additional content. 
Local Multiplayer
Two games being run by the Nexus Gaming Alliance simulate challenging, but fun, real-world combat. Nidhogg is a fencing-based game and Towerfall Ascension simulates archery. These games are fun for all ages but still challenging enough for hardcore gamers. Prizes awarded to winners. Tickets for both still available. 
Pokemon X & Y

Are you a master Pokemon trainer? Test your mettle against the other Gen Con attendees in one of Circle City Gaming’s Pokemon X & Y Tournaments! Events use Double Flat Battle rules and each participant receives a special Pokemon League promo card! Be sure to bring your 3DS and game cartridge to play!

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