Squarriors is Live! On Kickstarter

One of Devil’s Due Entertainment’s most anticipated new titles has just launched on Kickstarter – from the minds and talents of Ash Maczko and Ashley M. Witter – Squarriors #1 set to hit comic shops everywhere this December.

Including special rewards for readers and retailers alike!

Already featured on BleedingCool, First Comics News, Comic Bastards Graphic Policy, Comic Buzz and more…

What is intended to be the first of several mini-series begins here!

Meanwhile, CW Cooke’s personal campaign for Solitary, a superhero prison drama, is getting similar attention and has seen 70% of its funding goal achieved in just its first few days, and has its targets in site to bring Solitary to stores in November.

Images from both are below!

Store Up for Winter!

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King shirt
SQ KS LineagePrint-01

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SQ KS ButtonSet
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Solitary: Issue 2 Cover

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SQ KS OriginalArt-01
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