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Have you had a chance to check out LARPs the Series on YouTube? Along the same lines as The Guild comes a series about one of the most misunderstood group of gamers in geekdom. LARPers (Live Action Role Players) are those brave souls who suit up for adventure taking Role Playing one step further. Why sit around a table rolling dice when you can don the garb of your favorite character and take to the woods, fighting Orcs, Goblins, and ornery king’s guards.All characters

This is the story of one Game Master and his four adventurers. Games will be played, Orbs will be won, laughs will be shared, and hearts will be broken.

You can watch Season One on YouTube now.

I recommend LARPs highly. Each episode is just a few minutes long. It is entertaining, witty, and has a heart. I can’t wait until season 2.

Here’s a bit more about the show:

LARPs is a scripted web series that explores how the imagination of play affects reality—and vice versa. In a LARP, or live action role-playing
game, players assume the identiy of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them).
Five twentysomething friends meet regularly to play in a LARP, and we follow them through their daily lives to see the parallels between the game
and the real world.

LARPs presents roleplaying as a normal hobby while acknowledging the sometimes eccentric nature of its players. Thousands of men and women
roleplay around the globe. LARPs gives its audience a glimpse into their passion while still examining the realities of life outside the game.

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