An All New Episode of The Star Trek Original Series Awaits

The Original Series Returns in an all new photonovel from IDW, written by John Byrne

TheMirrorCrackedDoes anyone remember the old Star Trek Fotonovels (that’s what they called them back then) that came out in the late seventies? I do, I still have them in fact. There were 12 all together and they combined comic books and film to bring the original series episodes to life in a way that had never been done before.

In essence, an episode was broken down to individual key frames, then the speech bubbles were added in and what resulted was one of the first graphic novels ever published.

IDW has taken this process one step further with their Star Trek New Visions series. These are new, original adventures of the Enterprise crew in the same Photonovel format, although now comic book sized. These take photographic stills from the original series, and then create a whole new story out of the existing 79 episodes we all know and love.

I was skeptical at first. I had no idea on how they could accomplish making a believable new story out of old camera footage, and yet they did.

Star Trek New Visions: The Mirror Cracked takes you where you wished the Enterprise would have went if the series had continued. John Byrne has created a story that continues where the original episode Mirror, Mirror left off. What if alternate Spock had heeded Kirk’s advice and tried to change the mirror universe for the better? What if alternate Kirk was really a diabolical mastermind bent on getting revenge for Spock’s betrayal? And how long would it take the real Kirk to realize his doppelganger was back?

Not long it turns out. Our Kirk knows something is wrong almost immediately. It seems that he can learn from his past experiences and sets off to track down Mirror Kirk who has returned to our universe. Luckily, Mirror Spock is hot on his trail.

Mirror Kirk isn’t so easily foiled however, and contacts a certain Klingon Commander to help him in his plans. It isn’t long before the Enterprise has a fully armed and cloaked Klingon Battle Cruiser knocking on their back door. Yes they are cloaked, and able to fire, thanks to the technology brought by Mirror Kirk.

Things look bad for our heroes. How can Kirk outmaneuver himself and defeat someone who knows as much about the Enterprise as he does?

The story was so well written, and the accompanying photo visuals make you really feel like this is a new story. The end of the story introduces a wonderful twist that had me thinking “Wait, what episode did THAT come from?’.

Star Trek New Visions: The Mirror Cracked is an excellent launch to a new bi-monthly series that I hope will continue for many more episodes. I don’t know how he did it, but I hope that John Byrne and IDW can do it again and again.


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