Game Trade Magazine to Feature Free Mayfair Games Expansions

News just released from Mayfair Games:

Mayfair GamesHere at Mayfair Games, we’ve been doing Limited Edition Promo Expansions for a while now. Each tile sheet has expansions for at least three Mayfair Games and we’ve been providing them to hobby stores and customers that pre-order our games, or order them in the month of their release. We’re so pleased with the program we wracked our brains trying to figure out a way to get them into the hands of more folks and came up with the idea of including them as inserts in Game Trade Magazine, which we think is swell.

In our first issue we ran promo expansions for Mad City™, Station Master™ and Zen Garden™. Having done this once, surely we couldn’t do it again, right?

Well, we are pleased to announce that we will be doing it again for the foreseeable future! In the months ahead, look to GTM to bring you promo-expansions for more than a dozen of our most popular titles. Gamer’s games like Asgard’s Chosen™, Lords of Vegas™, Steam™, Alchemist™, Global Mogul™, Urbania™ and Automobile™. But not just games for the dedicated gamer in your life. We will also be presenting new options for our classic family games such as Ablaze™, Downfall of Pompeii™, Road Rally USA™, Elk Fest™, Nuns on the Run™ and Bacchus’ Banquet™!

So look forward to the months ahead because now you will not only get the latest in gaming news and previews from GTM but your also going to get expansions for new and classic Mayfair Games covering our most popular titles along with brand new favorites that will become staples of your gaming shelf!

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