Grimm Fairy Tales #96 – Fire and Ice Review

Fire and Ice

gft96aIt’s issue #96, and the build up towards issue #100 continues! Baba Yaga has been keeping Helios under wraps for months, protecting Gina and the world from his uncontrollable power, but Sela knows of her true plan. Her buddy Koschei told her all about it. Now Sela must stop Baba Yaga before she gains control of Helios awesome power.

  • Story: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco
  • Writers: Anthony Spay, Nicole Glade
  • Pencils: Sergio Osuna
  • Colors: Maxflan Araujo
  • Letters: Jim Campbell
  • Editor: Nicole Glade

What Sela doesn’t know is that Koschei is in the service of the Dark Queen, and it is all a setup to get Sela and Baba Yaga to destroy each other. They figure it out pretty quick and Koschei reveals his true nature, bringing an army of the dead with him.

What Koschei doesn’t know is that he was also setup by the Dark Queen. Her true goal is to capture Gina to use her against Helios and gain control of him and his power. She sends the Winter Witch to pull a frozen Han Solo move on her.

The series continues to build towards issue #100, and the Age of Darkness comes ever closer. Baba Yaga now knows that her second sight isn’t gone, it’s just showing her the future, and the future is darkness.

A good story with plots within plots, a battle with an army of the dead, and some Sela vs Baba Yaga action. New glimpses into the Age of Darkness are coming with each new issue, and Zenescope is doing a good job keeping us wondering what will happen next.

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