Elsewhere in the Buffyverse…Angel & Faith Season 10 #1 Review

Whistler is Gone, Faith and Giles head to America to see Buffy, and Angel stays in London to deal with the problems in Magic Town. It’s a whole new season for Angel & Faith.AngelFaith10cvr

Buffy’s first issue of the new season already started a few weeks ago, so we fans are already familiar with what happens on the Buffy side of the coin.  The scene opens in Magic Town, the part of London that was hit by Whistler’s mutation magic. If you’ve ever read the Wild Card series of books by George R.R. Martin (yeah the Game of Thrones guy), it’s a lot like the Wild Card virus, and Magic Town is like Jokertown.

Anyway, some really evil looking pixies are chasing a dude, but Angel saves him and squishes a few. They tell him that SHE will be mad and take off. Who is SHE you might ask?

Meanwhile, Faith and Giles are picked up by Kennedy at the airport. They head to Santa Rosita where Buffy is fighting some zompires and the town is pretty ripped up. We saw the fight from Buffy’s point of view, and her joyous reunion with Giles, in Buffy Issue #1. On the Faith side we see the hurt she feels when Giles completely forgets she exists when he sees his precious Buffy. She shakes it off of course, but we know it is there.

Angel goes off hunting for this She who is supposed to be in charge, and gets left a message when the human he saved is strung up by the pixies, who leave a nasty message for him.

Faith takes a job from Kennedy working with the Slayers again, once they discover that the vampires are now much stronger with the new magic. The issue climaxes when Angel finds out who the top chick in Magic Town is. You’ll have to read it yourself to find out.

Will Conrad really has some excellent artwork. It’s got a different feel than Rebekah Isaacs’ work from season 8, but I thought it was excellent.

A good start to the new season. It looks like it is going to be Angel/Faith instead of Angel & Faith for now at least. The Angel side of the story interests me a lot more because I like the whole Magic Town concept, right now Faith is still in set-up mode.


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