Buffy The Story So Far….Season 9

Wondering Why Buffy has been such a hit? Should you be watching Joss Whedon’s vampire slayer on Netflix? What about those future seasons, you know, the ones in Dark Horse comics.

buffys9-7Or Maybe you are a Buffy Fan from way back. Well here’s your chance to get caught up so that you are prepared for Season 10 of Buffy and it’s sister comic: Angel and Faith. This is part 9 of “Buffy The Story So Far” where I’ll get you caught up on what happens in Season 9.

Season 8 ended with many changes for Buffy and the gang. Giles is dead, killed by Angel/Twilight. Magic is gone from the world, and Buffy settles for a fairly normal slayer life in San Francisco. Xander and Dawn live together, Buffy has two new roommates, and spends her time slaying vampires along with Spike.

Spike has problems handling being with Buffy, but not being her main squeeze, so he takes off in his space Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-Season-9-19_Cship (yes, Spike has a space ship. See the end of Season 8). Willow goes off to try to discover how to fix magic, and Buffy keeps on killing.

The vampires have become something mindless, due to the lack of magic. They are mindless killing, blood sucking, beasts they dub Zompires (Zombie/Vampire). Buffy gets a new group of Scoobies to hang out with. The slayers are still keeping tabs on Buffy, and one of Buffy’s roommates, Anaheed, is a slayer that’s watching over her.

Buffy, a new demon friend named Koh, and Iilyria (previously Fred from Angel, now a goddess) team up to go after a super bad guy demon named Severin. Unfortunately, they blow it and Severin gets all of Iilyria’s powers. She gets turned back into good old Fred, which doesn’t really help the situation. Severin goes off to play with his new powers.

We learn that Dawn is dying, because magic is gone and she is, we all know, made of magic. Xander blames Buffy, because he is an angry guy now, and Severin appears with a plan to restore magic and save Dawn by stealing Buffy’s book left to her by Giles.

Willow returns with her powers and Buffy’s scythe, and Xander tells Buffy of Severin’s plot.  They head off to a place where Willow might get enough magic to restore Dawn, while Spike returns and keeps an eye on the little bit.

Good old Xander told Severin, along with the rogue evil slayer Simone, about the magical place too, so now both teams are racing to get the magic. Both Willow and Severin get tons of magic, but Severin cant handle it and is on his way to exploding.

buffy-season-9-no-15The season builds to a climax as the teams must strike bargains to survive. Simone takes advantage of all of the power to wake the old one responsible for the first vampire. She is sired by him and becomes the first ultra-powerful slayer/vampire.

Will they escape? Will Dawn be saved? Will magic return to the world? What about Simone? What about the now awakened old one? And what has Angel and Faith been up to while all of this is going on? Tune in tomorrow for the final chapter.

A new season synopsis is coming every day until everyone is caught up and ready for Season 10 of Buffy and Angel & Faith! Stay Tuned!

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