Buffy The Story So Far….Angel & Faith Season 9

Wondering Why Buffy has been such a hit? Should you be watching Joss Whedon’s vampire slayer on Netflix? What about those future seasons, you know, the ones in Dark Horse comics.

angelfaith5coverOr Maybe you are a Buffy Fan from way back. Well here’s your chance to get caught up so that you are prepared for Season 10 of Buffy and it’s sister comic: Angel and Faith. This is part 10 of “Buffy The Story So Far” where I’ll get you caught up on what happens in Season 9 of Angel & Faith, and then you’ll be caught up and ready for Season 10 of both comics.

Season 8 ended with many changes for Buffy and the gang. Giles is dead, killed by Angel/Twilight. Magic is gone from the world, and Buffy settles for a fairly normal slayer life in San Francisco. Xander and Dawn live together, Buffy has two new roommates, and spends her time slaying vampires along with Spike.

But that’s Buffy’s problem. Faith inherited Giles estate after his death, and took Angel with her as he was a broken man/vampire after the end of season 8. For his part, Angel is only interested in resurrecting Giles, the man he murdered as Twilight.

Whistler, Pearl, and Ash are after Angel for not carrying out his plans as Twilight, and a bunch of angel-faith-season-9-8-coverSlayers are after him because he was Twilight, and things just generally dont look that good for Angel.

Whistler wants to turn all humans into some kind of weird magical-mutant species, but Angel and Faith are currently collecting pieces of Giles soul, so they will worry about that later. Willow comes for a visit trying to restore all magic, and happens to have a piece of Giles soul in Buffy’s scythe.

They enlist the help of Giles’ aunts and some old colleagues, go up against the demon that has been living in his body, and kick some butt. They gather together all the magical artifacts that they can in order to put Giles back where he belongs. Whistler shows up and snatches the magic, but it doesn’t matter. Giles is back! As a twelve year old boy (that’s how his aunts remembered him). He has all his memories though, and is angry that they have been wasting time with him instead of saving the world.

angel_and_faithThe gang confronts Whistler and his group as they prepare to release the mutant magic, something goes wrong and everyone not magically protected in the area start to mutate. Whistler and Angel confront each other while Faith and some more slayers face the demons. An excellent Joss Whedon climactic ending develops from there.

The story continues in Season 10…

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