Buffy Season 10: Issue #2 Review

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #2

New Rules, Part 2

The Scoobies are back—including li’l Giles! Revelations about a new kind of vampire menace and the blank Vampyr book have only just begun. Everyone has a job to do, and for Buffy, it’s treading the road of past relationships! Lucky girl . . .

  • Writer: Christos Gage
  • Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
  • Colorist: Dan Jackson
  • Cover Artist: Steve Morris, Variants by Rebekah Isaacs with Dan Jackson

 The new breed of vampire is tough, but not too tough for Buffy and their crew, and they quickly have the vamps from the end of issue #1 on the run. But they swear that they will learn how to use all of their new powers, and the Scoobies will soon be history.

Everyone turns to li’l Giles to figure out what to do about these new rules, and he pitches a fit. Yes he is the same Giles, but he isn’t. He’s still a teenager filled with teenage angst and a tendency to meltdown under pressure. So Buffy decides what to do without his help, and you can tell that Giles doesn’t really like that option either.

The Book of Vampyr book is rewriting itself, with the new rules, but how is it happening? Who is deciding what the new rules for magic are? Who is making sure that the vampires have a lot more power than they had before?

Zander and Dawn are sent off to talk to Dracula to see if he has any insights, will hilarity ensue? Buffy goes off to check in on an old friend with Spike.

This issue is really filled with a lot of interpersonal relationship issues more than action. Giles is having problems coping, no one knows what is going on with Buffy and Spike. Faith runs off to be a high paid mercenary, and Zander and Dawn may have reached the end of their relationship.

It’s a well written issue with Whedonesque dialog. Not a lot of action, but plenty of personal issues to be dealt with, and Dracula is back!

Buffy Season10_2


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