3 New Games from Asmodee in May

Coming this May from Asmodee are three new games:


ASMUNIT01_LA civil war is sweeping the mythical land of Helvetia, and only by seizing control and ruling the country can you put an end to the war. Maneuver, battle and outwit your foes to claim leadership of the nation!
Unita is an abstract war game of fantasy warfare. Each player has armies represented by dice and moves those soldiers toward the gateway to gather the most powerful warriors and claim the throne. Battle your opponents, weaken their troops, and move on to victory.

One double-sided game board; 64 dice (16 green, 16 yellow, 16 red, 16 blue); First player marker; 12 Terrain tiles (3 of each color); 12 Power cards (3 per faction); Rules

• Abstract game of strategy and tactics
• Lush illustrations and an exciting back-story
• Individual player powers for variety and replay


You’ve hired the most ruthless gang of desperados you could find, but before they could take care of your opponents, the sheriff went and locked ’em up. Now it’s up to you to spring those banditos and send them after your foes, before they do the same to you! Players will roll a handful of specialized dice, hoping to see the symbols that will advance their outlaws to the keys that will get them out of jail.

ASMDDT01US_LUnderhanded tricks, surprise cards, and the abilities of the bandits themselves will help you push your luck and execute your cunning plan – bankrupt the others and become the criminal mastermind of Dice Town! CONTENTS 4 gangs of desperados, 4 specialized dice, 29 cards, $200 in poker chips, 4 gang cards.

•Combines risk-taking, strategy and timing.
•Eye-catching art.
•In the same world as the award-winning Dice Town.
•From renowned designers Maublanc and Cathala


The exploitation of the New World continues, but new challenges and opportunities await. Rescue Robinson Crusoe, imprison unruly natives, and take your chances in the colonial lottery. Challenge the corrupt governor – or use him for your purposes. But be careful in your maneuvering – the Archipelago survives on a knife-edge balance of war or peace.

War & Peace is an expansion for the hit game Archipelago. It contains 40 new cards and a special box designed to speed up play. New evolution cards and character cards add variety and new dimension to this exciting game, and three new play modes will make for exciting and diverse games every time you play.

40 beautifully and individually-illustrated cards; 1 tray to hold all progress cards from the base game and expansion cards (incl. sleeved cards); and a rulebook.

•40 new evolution and character cards to bring you back to the Archipelago.
•Beautifully illustrated.
•Three new games modes.

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