Doctor Who bids Farewell to Matt Smith

The Time of the Doctor – Matt Smith’s Final Doctor Who Episode DVD Reviewed

Matt Smith has officially hung up his Sonic Screwdriver. The Time of the Doctor was his final appearance as the Doctor, passing the torch to his successor: Peter Capaldi. The episode is bittersweet, coming to an end all too soon, and yet the Doctor is a Time Lord and managed to pack a few hundred years in this final episode. Let’s take a closer look.

DOCTOR WHO XMAS SPECIAL 2013First off, the DVD Extras:

Behind the Lens – Join the cast and crew in a look at Matt Smith’s final episode. You’ll get reactions and commentary from everyone on the set, and see some of the filming for yourself. It is a fitting farewell to the 11th (really 12th) Doctor, and it is a bit sad in a way.

Tales from the Tardis – a visit with the cast and characters old and new. All of the living Doctors (except the rebel ninth Doctor) add in stories from their own Time of the Doctor. You’ll hear from many of his companions and snippets form the cast and crew. You’ll learn why the Doctor first regenerated, how his costumes are chosen, the truth behind the Daleks, and funny anecdotes from K-9. An excellent look at the the history of the Doctor both in front of and behind the camera.

Farewell to Matt Smith – A celebration of Matt Smith’s Doctor. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the 11th Doctor. Despite the title, it’s a happy piece, packed with fun and laughs. You’ll get to see River Song knee Matt in the privates. It’s a laugh for all, except Matt of  course. Watch this one last to help you forget the fact that you are saying goodbye to an old friend, again.

The episode itself finds our Doctor following a mysterious message broadcast throughout all of time and space. It leads him to a planet surrounded by every enemy he has ever faced.

It’s Christmas time though, and Clara (Jenna Coleman) has her family over for Christmas dinner. In a sitcom-like twist, she has assured her family that she has a boyfriend. She enlists the Doctor’s help as a stand in boyfriend, and it all goes well except for the fact that the Doctor introduces himself completely naked. They do get to use the TARDIS to cook the turkey though, so all is well.

All fun aside, the Doctor learns that the message is being sent from Gallifrey itself. His home world that he thought was gone forever has found a potential way back into our universe. All they need is the Doctor to whisper his true name into a rift in space, and they will know that it is safe for them to come back.

Which is why all of the Doctor’s enemies are camped outside the planet waiting to destroy the Time Lords when they return. The supreme church, a United DOCTOR WHO XMAS SPECIAL 2013Nations type organization, is trying to prevent this universal war.

We are left with a stalemate. How long does it last and how does the Doctor save his people? Does he save his people? We know the episode will be ending with his regeneration, is it sad? Is he sad? Do we get a first look at Peter Capaldi?

There are answers to these questions in the episode, and there is an answer to the question that has been plaguing Doctor Who fans for years. What happens when the Doctor has his final regeneration? With the addition of the War Doctor (John Hurt) in “The Day of the Doctor”, Matt Smith became the 12th Doctor, the final Doctor. How do we have a 13th? You’ll have to watch to find out, or look it up on the Internet, but what fun is that?

This is an excellent episode, packed with plotlines coming together that have built up over several seasons. Humor and sadness fill the episode and the DVD itself. It’s a must have for any fan of Doctor Who.

Farewell 11th Doctor, we hardly knew ye…


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