Buffy The Story So Far….Season 3

Wondering Why Buffy has been such a hit? Should you be watching Joss Whedon’s vampire slayer on Netflix? What about those future seasons, you know, the ones in Dark Horse comics.

Or Maybe you are a Buffy Fan from way back. Well here’s your chance to get caught up so that you are prepared for Season 10 of Buffy and it’s sister comic: Angel and Faith. This is part 3 of “Buffy The Story So Far” where I’ll get you caught up on what happens in Season 3.

buffy-season-3Buffy, wanted by the police, kicked out by her mother, and dealing with killing her true love in order to save the world, took off and changed her name. She’s working as a waitress and living in a one room apartment somewhere in LA.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is trying to deal with vampires on their own. Using Cordy as bait, Nighthawk (Xander) and his crew are staking whoever they can, but are coming pretty close to getting themselves killed.

Giles is following every lead he can to track down Buffy, and Joyce blames everything on him.

Soon of course, Buffy realizes she cant run away and returns to Sunnydale. The cops no longer want her and Giles flexes some muscle to get Buffy back in High School. All is back to normal.

This is Sunnydale though and things start happening. Yet another slayer arrives. Faith (Eliza Dushku) is a hard as nails, happy go lucky slayer with some deep emotional issues. The emotional issues pale next to all of the love problems the rest of the gang is having.  Xander and Willow share some secret love, which everyone discovers right away causing a lot of friction.

Not to be outdone, Angel comes back from hell and soon he and Buffy are in love again. They can’t do anything about it though for fear that Angel will turn evil the-wishagain. Xander gets his own episode and we get an appearance from an alternate reality vampire Willow.  Scary. Giles gets fired for caring too much about Buffy, and his replacement is sent in the form of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof). Who turns out to be a bit of a wuss. We also get to meet the demon Anyanka, who offers revenge to scorned women. She will play a much bigger part later on the show.

The big bad this season is the Mayor of Sunnydale, with the help of Mr Trick.  He is building toward his ascension, which we learn later involves him becoming a giant snake monster.

The season builds intricately towards the climax of the season, which is graduation. Faith loses faith in Buffy and becomes evil, joining the Mayor in his evil plans. The Mayor seems to truly care for her. Buffy and Faith have a terrible battle, and Faith goes into a coma. Buffy needs to save Angel, and he feeds off of her (at her urging) to save himself. Buffy ends up in the room next to Faiths’ in the hospital.

Buffy recovers, and lays down plans for graduation, which will be where the Mayor has his ascension.

buffy_graduationGraduation arrives, there is a huge battle, Snyder gets eaten by the Mayor/Serpent. The student pull out weapons and start wasting vampires, and Buffy taunts the Mayor back into the school for a final battle. If you thought that season 2 had a big finale, season 3 tops it by miles.

At the end of this episode/season is where Angel finally leaves and heads to LA, where he is joined by Cordelia and Wesley, and the Angel TV series begins.

A new season synopsis is coming every day until everyone is caught up and ready for Season 10 of Buffy and Angel & Faith! Stay Tuned!

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