Buffy The Story So Far….Season 2

Wondering Why Buffy has been such a hit? Should you be watching Joss Whedon’s vampire slayer on Netflix? What about those future seasons, you know, the ones in Dark Horse comics.

buffycast2Or Maybe you are a Buffy Fan from way back. Well here’s your chance to get caught up so that you are prepared for Season 10 of Buffy and it’s sister comic: Angel and Faith. This is part 2 of “Buffy The Story So Far” where I’ll get you caught up on what happens in Season 2.

The summer in Sunnydale, CA has been pretty boring without Buffy around. She spent the summer with her dad in LA and comes back distant and cranky and filled with bad dreams of the Master. The Anointed One is still alive and is gathering the power of the vamps underground.

Luckily we don’t have to deal with him for long as the infamous Spike (James Marsters) and Drusilla (Juliet Landau) show up and decide to take over the vampire action in Sunnydale. Spike kills off the Anointed One and sets up shop. Buffy is her old self, but is having massive issues at school.

Love problems continue, even for Giles. Ms Calendar loves, then hates him, then loves him again. Buffy meets Kendra the vampire slayer, who activated when Buffy was killed (momentarily) last season. Her romance with Angel builds slowly. Willow meets Oz (Seth Green) and he joins the scooby gang. Cordy does too, kind of, after she ends up smooching Xander and they start a secret relationship.

Some memorable moments include Xander boiling his egg that he is supposed to care for in class, thereby saving himself from the facehugging monster Becomining_one_Maingrowing inside that gets everyone else (except Buffy).

Joyce (Buffy’s mom played by Kristine Sutherland) saving Buffy from Spike “You get the Hell away from my daughter!”.

Finding out that Oz is a werewolf, but they love him anyway. Romance between Oz and Willow flourishes.

All too soon thinks go bad. Angel and Buffy share their love finally, and Angel’s curse kicks in. He loses his soul and becomes Angelus, the evil version of Angel. He pushes Spike aside and takes over plotting the demise of Buffy. Ms Calendar tries a ritual to restore his soul, and he responds in a terrible way.

Xander has a great season as he ends up the true love of every woman in town except Cordelia. Then joins the swim team to stop yet another evil doer. Angelus torments Buffy more and more until she goes after him in a final showdown at the end of the season.

This spectacular two-parter sees the return and permanent departure of Kendra, with Buffy standing over her body. Buffy is arrested for her murder.

David Boreanaz as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer Becoming Part 2 2In the final cliff hanging climax. Buffy escapes the police and teams up with Spike to get rid of Angelus. Joyce finds out about Buffy’s slayer life and tells her that if she walks out the door, not to come back. Buffy leaves, she has to save Giles who has been taken by Angelus and Dru.

Willow finds the spell to restore Angel’s soul and casts it while he and Buffy are fighting. He gets his soul back, but not before releasing the super demon Acathla. The only thing that can stop him now is Angel’s blood.

Probably one of the best season finales ever for a TV show. This one leaves you and Buffy an emotional wreck.

A new season synopsis is coming every day until everyone is caught up and ready for Season 10 of Buffy and Angel & Faith! Stay Tuned!

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