Buffy The Story So Far….Season 1

Wondering Why Buffy has been such a hit? Should you be watching Joss Whedon’s vampire slayer on Netflix? What about those future seasons, you know, the ones in Dark Horse comics.

BuffySeason 1Or Maybe you are a Buffy Fan from way back. Well here’s your chance to get caught up so that you are prepared for Season 10 of Buffy and it’s sister comic: Angel and Faith.

How did it all begin? Well it started with a movie, but after burning down the gymnasium at her high school (filled with vampires), Buffy (Sarah Michelle Geller) moves from Los Angeles to Sunnydale for a new start. Unfortunately, Sunnydale is on a Hellmouth, a convergence of mystical evilness.

Buffy soon meets Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), the librarian who also happens to be a watcher and her new trainer. She needs him because there are a tons of vampires filling up the night. She might need some help, and soon her friends Willow (Alyson Hannigan) and Xander (Nicholas Brendon) join her as typical high school pals who provide mostly moral support and bad dating choices. Cordelia is also there, the lovely Charisma Carpenter, who is the personification of a mean girl before Mean Girls was a movie.

We meet Angel (David Boreanaz) for the first time as a handsome creeper who follows Buffy around in the shadows and broods a lot. He’s got a good reason though. He’s a vampire. Cursed with a soul by some gypsies, he now wanders around feeling bad because he killed a lot of people in the past. He’s good now, so everything is great. Buffy quickly falls for him and he returns the favor.

The Big bad this season is The Master (Mark Metcalf) (Note: big bad was a term conceived on Buffy, and now used by television shows everywhere. Just look 878842-masterat Supernatural!). The Master is one really old and ugly vampire who is stuck underground, waiting to gain enough power to rise to the surface again. He has a horde of minion vamps to help him along.

Season one is filled with teenage angst and awkwardness in a typical high school setting where students and faculty are regularly killed in horrible ways. Some highlights from season one include:

Principal Flutie getting eaten by students possessed by hyenas, and the introduction of Principal Snyder who later goes on to play Quark on Deep Space Nine.

Xander’s pal Jesse, played by a very young Eric Balfour of Haven fame, gets vamped and accidentally dusted by his buddy.

Angel kills off his old flame Darla (Julie Benz, always one of my favorites), but we all know that isn’t the last we see of Darla, or you do now anyway. Julie goes on to play the wife of a well known TV serial killer on Dexter, and is now the Mayor on Defiance.

The scoobies all make terrible dating choices, starting with Xander falling for his teacher who turns out to be a giant bug, and Willow swept away by a demon living in her computer. Buffy does pick Angel, a vampire, maybe not the best choice either. Giles shares a spell with Ms Calendar, the computer teacher.

949472-buffyangel1The Master gains his most powerful ally, called the anointed one, who looks like a nine year old kid. Whee!

In the end, Buffy tells Xander they are just friends and then gets scared of the Master and quits. Of course, she can’t really quit and gets herself killed by the Master. Suddenly a giant monster attacks the town! How does our heroine come out of this one?

A new season synopsis is coming every day until everyone is caught up and ready for Season 10 of Buffy and Angel & Faith! Stay Tuned!

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