Goin’ Solo: Star Wars Legacy #11 Review


Notable Quote: “No one is stupid enough to start a firefight in the middle of a minefield!” – Jao Assam

2014 is the last year for Star Wars to appear in the pages of Dark Horse Comics, at least for the foreseeable future, as the license heads back over to Marvel. What would you do if you knew that the universe was coming to an end in one year? You’d make that year count wouldn’t you?

So in January there are five separate Star Wars titles and two new Omnibuses. Star Wars Legacy is following the adventures of Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao Assam as they track down Sith Outcast Darth Wredd along with their companions the Mon Calamari Sauk and the assassin droid AG-37. Legacy events take place in the era at least 40 years after the events in A New Hope. This story in particular is 139 years after that point.

How do I know this? Because there is a nice summary page right at the beginning of the story, so that new readers aren’t completely lost. That was really helpful. As we proceed into the story, we find out that a lot of not nice people are after Ania Solo. Why? I don’t think anyone knows yet.

Meanwhile Ania is out hunting the galaxy with Jao. They are currently navigating a minefield to land on a planet. Some adventures happen then an old friend shows up, but is he really what he appears to be?

The story was interesting and the artwork from Gabriel Hardman is gritty and hard and feels like Start Wars. Ania actually looks a bit like a combo of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could swear there is a resemblance beyond just the hair color.

The whole story emanates a Star Wars feel, despite the 139 year difference. There is enough familiarity there that you don’t feel alienated. Issue #11 was a little slow, but the title itself seems like a good bet. Don’t overlook it because it is set so far off in the future of our past.


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