All the Quests You Could Ever Need for Descent!

Have you had a chance to see the new quest vault for Descent from Fantasy Flight Games? It is still in open beta, but there are around 450 quests in the database already with more getting added every day.

Welcome to the open beta of the Quest Vault, a free resource for players to create and share their own quests for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition! The Quest Vault features many exciting tools designed to allow players to generate perilous new adventures in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth.

The Quest Vault’s custom map editor allows you to easily create any scenario you can imagine, using any map tile from Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition and its current expansions. Create a deadly quest to challenge your friends, or create several quests and encourage players to run a full campaign!

With the Quest Vault’s database, you can publish your quests for other players to experience. Published content can be downloaded and enjoyed by other players around the world, who can then vote on their favorite user generated adventures. The Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition Quest Vault is your gateway to a new world of adventure!

The most popular quest on the site at the moment is “The King of All Goblins” from FFG. There are two encounters, here’s a previedw of the setup for encounter 1:

“He calls himself the King of All Goblins,” says Baron Greigory. “Please stop laughing, this is actually a serious matter. This rotund rascal, Splig, has called all the goblin tribes of northern Terrinoth and the Dunwarr Mountains to pay homage and gather under his banner. Alone, each tribe is simply a nuisance. United, they could pose a genuine threat to Arhynn.”

The old baron touches one leg absently and trails off, as if in memory. After a moment he comes back to himself. “Ahem, well, the simplest way to solve a problem like this is to intercept the goblin chieftains and jolly well eliminate them. Then press on to the – hem – ‘Goblin Throne,’ which I understand is just a rock in a cave, and tear it down before Splig completes his crowning ritual.”

With his words still ringing in your ears, you press on towards the “Goblin Throne” and prepare to intercept the goblin chieftains on the banks of a nameless river descending from the Carthmounts. You wonder why the old man seemed so concerned. They are only goblins, right?

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