The Age of Darkness begins with a Quest

Quest01_coverArevZenescope has launched their biggest event in the history of the Grimm Universe “The Age of Darkness”, and it all starts with a five book series called “Quest”, written by Pat Shand with art by Sergio Osuna and David T. Cabrera.

First of all, in case you didn’t know. Our world, the Earth, is called “The Nexus” because it is located at the center of the four realms of Neverland, Oz, Wonderland, and Myst. It seems that these realms protect the Nexus from all sorts of evil, or at least they used to.

You see, in ages past the high council would gather to take care of all the evils popping up across the realms. That was until they were cut down by the evil Malec. Only through a great sacrifice was Malec’s evil horde driven back out of Myst, but no there is no high council and no one is protecting the realms from the Dark Horde’s return.

“Quest” begins with three adventurers and their guide, the Goddess Druanna, brought together with one purpose in mind. They wish to restore the high council and save the Nexus. It’s the story of the dwarf Bolder, a lover of many a potent brew. Then there is the Knight Blake. He is into his middle age and has many a tale to impress the ladies. Finally there is Aisling, the Princess of Vallone. She thought her life would be completely different than it turned out to be, filled with battles and blood.

That’s a taste of what you’ll read about in this first book in the series. There is a goodly amount of well written humor, some dark forebodings of things to come, flashbacks, battles against spider creatures, an appearance by Cthulhu, and a cliffhanger when the dwarf comes home for the first time in many years.

It’s a well written story so far, drawing me into it. The artwork seems to come and go, at times appearing almost wooden with an 80’s feel to it and at other times quite masterful. I’m hoping the consistency evens out as the series continues.

The first issue of Quest is a good beginning to the series. It seems to be laying the groundwork for some bad times ahead in the Grimm Universe, so unfortunately I don’t believe that our hero’s quest won’t turn out exactly as they wish it to. We shall see.

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